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- Bank Auction Property- Residentail
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- Bank Auction Property- Commercial
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   - Commercial shop/ building

- Workshop for Auction Participants

- BankDRT's E-FAQ Book on Auctions
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BankDRT's E-FAQ Book on Auctions

Clear all your doubts about Bank Auctions::

Every month 100s and 1000s of different kinds of assets are being put up for auctions by various Banks and FIs. Some of these are the ones you have always been wanting to have it for yourself. If you have been planning to acquire an industry, factory, industrial shed, plant & machinery or some commercial space or bungalow or flat or such asset this could be the way forward. Go ahead and participate at the Bank auctions.

But before you jump into the auction fray look out for the pit falls. Any one can land you in a Big soup!!

Over the years BankDRT has helped hundreds of prospective bidders in carefully and profitably participating in the Auctions.

BankDRT’s e-FAQ Book on Bank Auctions ( for Auction participants ) contains 100s of nagging questions, simple and complex – all answered in simple and non legal language for the most common man. You need not have any law or legal background to read this book. Each and every jargon has been explained – so you start off right away like a pro from the word go !!!

The e-book comes with BankDRT’s unique offer of one year’s free up-dation mails on every aspect of auctions!!!!!

Order your FAQ eBook now for just Rs.700/-.

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