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Assets on Auction/ Sale
by Banks, Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT), State Financial Corporation (SFCs), Financial Institutions (FIs), Official Liquidators (OLs) and other secured creditors under SRFAESI Act, Debts Recovery Tribunal Act, State Financial Corporation Act, Companies Act etc...

Bank seized properties for Auction/ Sale ::
Property Type::

Property Location:: Wayanand/ Kozhikode, Kerala

Property Type:: Land - Others

Property Location:: Wayanand, Kerala

Property Description:: Land admeasuring 24 Cents in Re-Sy.No.449/5, Block No.18 in Kalpetta Village and Sub-District, Vythiri Taluk and Wayanad District, along with building and all improvements, located on the eastern side of Stadium Road.

Reserve Price :: Rs. 58.00 Lacs


Property Type:: Building

Property Location:: Kozhikode

Property Description:: Land admeasuring 3 Acres along with a residential building in Re-Sy.No.16/1 (Sy.No.80) in Koodathai Village, Thamarassery Sub-District, Kozhikode Taluk and District.

Reserve Price :: Rs. 18,30,000/-


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