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Workshop for Auction Participants

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. - George Bernard Shaw

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bank auctions. Horror stories of forfeited EMD to beautiful tales of prime properties bought at throw away prices. Bank Auctions are not all that complicated as people would have you believe.

  1. Learn all the LAW and ACTS applicable.
  2. How to FIND an asset.
  3. How to know if its WORTH investing in a property.
  4. How to conduct LEGAL DUE DILIGENCE.
  5. How to conduct CIVIL DUE DILIGENCE.
  6. WHAT to look for while ASSESSING a property.
  7. How to gauge FUTURE LEGAL problems
  8. Analyze ROI.
  9. How to PARTICIPATE.
  10. Know about EMD, Reserve Price.
  11. Know all the LEGAL Nitty Gritties of conducting an AUCTION.
  12. Learn to ASSESS whether auction has been FAIR and TRUE.
  13. Post Auction PAPER WORK.


A highly intensive, one to one interactive workshop (only 10 participants per workshop). It aims to equip and empower ordinary laymen and every non legal person in the field of participating in auctions being conducted by Banks and Financial Institutions. Participants need not have any legal background nor have attended any prior auction proceedings.

About the Workshop:
  1. Workshop will be held in Delhi.
  2. It is a one day capsule course.
  3. Boarding & Lodging facilities can be arranged at the request of a participant at additional costs.
  4. This workshop is not certified by any Ministry or affiliated to any university/college.
  5. It is designed by legal and financial experts who have worked in the field for more. than 20 years for the benefit of the general public who are interested in participating in Bank Auctions.

27 January 2013
24 February 2013
24 March 2013

Who should attend the workshop?
  1. Persons interested in purchasing property.
  2. Officers in charge of Auction
  3. Asset Consultants/ Advisors
  4. Asset Aggregators
  5. Property Agents
  6. M&A advisors
  7. Investors
  8. Persons interested in buying.
  9. Recovery agents

Rs. 5625/- per participant (inclusive of all taxes, lunch, tea, snacks, pick up and drop to Metro station and hand outs) + FREE: 30 days membership to auction data base worth Rs.1050/-
Book early to avoid disappointment only 10 participants per work shop allowed.

Pay early to avail discount
  1. 20% discount on or before 45 days (Rs.4500/- only inclusive of all taxes)
  2. 15% discount on or before 30 days (Rs.4781/- only inclusive of all taxes)
  3. 10% discount on or before 20 days (Rs.5063/- only inclusive of all taxes)

Register now for our Workshop for Auction Participants and learn all there is to know about participating in Bank Auctions and acquiring the property that you desire because "A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." - Plato

For more details regarding the Workshop schedule, Session structure, Course details and Disclaimer clause please Click Here. To know the various modes of payment CLICK HERE.

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